Sunday, January 20, 2013

This weekend=not productive but fun

Hello! We've had a busy but fun weekend here!

Yesterday I was planning a 10 miler but by the time I got around to it I didn't have enough time before I had to be somewhere. We did 8.5 instead. I was actually going to do my long run today because I had less going on but the weather is bad, luckily I checked ahead of time. Its very cold and windy. Since I cut 2 runs short this week and skipped one my total for the week is only 21 miles. Honestly, I'm ok with that.

We picked up a new foster cat yesterday! Lorelei is in love.

Paul got some mall gift cards for Christmas from work so we decided to spend those today. He was sweet and let me spend half of them. I didn't buy anything running related!

Apparently I like stripes. I bought stripes and other things. Also, I know it was way too cold to be wearing Toms but my blisters don't hurt as bad in them. I don't care if my footwear is appropriate for the season or not.

Paul is lame, or smart, and he went to the Apple store and bought an iTunes gift card with the rest.

More pics from today...

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  1. The pics are great - Lorelei and Paul both have the same expression on their faces in the one by the fountain!