Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mentally Tough and The Best Caramel Apples


I started my day with coffee, Paul got lots of Starbucks Christmas blend beans for Christmas and I've been enjoying it too. I should probably stop making it for myself since it's his favorite...

I didn't really feel like running this morning, but I had a babysitter, Grandpa Jim, and no excuse not to so I layered up and headed out. It was 23 degrees this morning but it was sunny and calm. I was actually too warm. I attempted to time myself today, just to see where I am after a couple weeks of not keeping track of pace, but I must have accidentally stopped my watch when I took off my gloves. Oh well, the run felt hard even though I kept the pace easy. It's probably best that i don't know how much I was sucking this morning. I'm not sure what the problem is, I just felt really out of breath and my legs felt heavy. I was having some breathing issues this morning because of my asthma so maybe that, along with the cold made me feel out of breath on the run.

Anyway, 5.4 miles done with minimal pain and suffering. When I have hard runs like today I just have to talk myself through it. If I can run a marathon, I can make it through a harder than expected 5 miler. Besides, the hard ones make you mentally tough which is really most of the battle when it comes to running. Being mentally tough gets you through a half mary in the craziest, worst weather ever...

And through a 200 mile relay in the cold and rain.

And through a 17 mile long run in the blazing heat.

And through the last 100 yards of a marathon.

Speaking of tough...I may have one of the most amazing caramel apples ever in my fridge right now. I'm saving it for when Paul gets home so I can share it with him. That's tough! Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, I love you. And your Granny Smith apples, covered in caramel, tiger butter and Snickers pieces.

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