Saturday, January 12, 2013

191 Miles how far I drove yesterday. We went north to hang out with the family for the weekend and have a party for Lorelei.

We loaded all the dogs up, Olive rides in the passenger seat, Jack rides on the floor behind the drivers seat, and Brown gets to ride next to Lorelei. Sometimes Jack gets up there too, but he seems to prefer the floor.

It was nice and foggy!

I didn't run that day, when we arrived I had a headache and when that went away my stomach was upset. I haven't been feeling well this week. I suspect it's from my poor eating habits. This week I've been running on empty, literally. I often skip breakfast because I'm not hungry and I don't like breakfast food. This week I've been skipping breakfast, running, and then often not eating lunch either. I haven't done it on purpose, I've just been busy. I realize I haven't eaten when I start to feel nauseous and get a headache. By that point it's too late and I feel crappy for the rest of the day. I thought I was doing a little better today but I still didn't feel great this afternoon. I'm working on it.

Today was really warm for a January day in Michigan, it was like 50 degrees or something crazy like that. Paul and I went for a run. I wanted to do 6 miles but didn't map out or plan a route and didn't take my phone with me. We turned around when we thought we'd done 3 miles, but it was really 2.8 so we were a little short. Oh well, it was still a nice run and a beautiful day.

This evening we had another birthday party. Lorelei had lots of fun! We have such awesome families and so many people came out to celebrate with us. Thanks guys!

Tomorrow we are planning on doing a 10 miler. It's supposed to get cold tonight and snow tonight and tomorrow. As long as it's not too icy we'll proceed as planned. Fingers crossed.

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