Saturday, January 26, 2013

Quiet time

Yesterday I was lucky enough to get 6 miles worth of quiet time in. My in laws are in town and watched the girl so I could run. Paul was at work so I was on my own. I usually don't prefer to run on my own but today I was happy to.

I often feel like I never get even a minute of quiet in my day, especially now that she doesn't take a nap, so I was more than happy to have some time all to myself. I know, I could get up earlier and have my quiet time then, but who wants to get up earlier than they have to? Not this girl. It was actually really nice to just let my mind wander and not have to talk to anyone. It was equally nice to just go at my own pace and only have to check in with myself. Usually when I run with Paul we just automatically settle into a pace that works for both of us, but sometimes it takes a few miles and some communicating (nice way of saying, I yell at him to slow down) before we find it. Then we get in a groove for a few miles and everything is great until someone (me) has to stop for a drink or to adjust a shoe and we start all over again.

Isn't that just like life though? Most of the time we're on the same page, in sync, things are moving along at an agreeable pace . Other times it takes more effort to get there and once you're there life happens and throws it all off. Anyway..

It was a great run. I don't know my pace, because I left the watch at home, but the goal was just to keep it easy. We got plenty of snow here a couple days ago so I strapped on the YakTrax but really only ended up needing them for a few blocks at a time here and there. Some people had already shoveled but some (hand raised here) hadn't. I didn't feel like taking them off and putting them back on constantly so I just left them on even though it felt like I was running on springs at times.

I can't even be annoyed, it's so pretty.

When I got back there were donuts, I resisted and had a banana with peanut butter. I'm actually not big on donuts so it wasn't hard to pass them up.

There was also some bowling. I'm not ashamed to tell you that I'm the worst bowler ever. I started the game with a strike and of course it all went downhill after that. I don't have any pictures because I was too busy throwing gutter balls.

I'm only showing you a picture of one of these and you'll just have to wonder how many I actually ate. Hint, it's more than one. Hershey's Hugs.

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