Thursday, January 10, 2013

An extra 62 pounds

Hey guys, I hope it was as sunny and beautiful today where you are as it was here. By beautiful I mean 40 degrees. That's good for this time of year in Michigan. And actually it's quite perfect for running.

I couldn't stand the thought of treadmill miles this morning, and since it's so close to New Years, the gym is packed in the evenings. It won't be smart to go there in the afternoons for a couple more months, gotta wait for everyone to give up on their resolutions. Since it was beautiful out I decided to just suck it up and get some stroller miles in. I told Lorelei I'd take her shopping to spend her birthday money, and I was hoping to find a cheap visor to keep the sun out of my eyes. No luck on the visor, but I did find some relatively cheap sunglasses. They're actually made for fishing, but pretty perfect for running because they have all the no slip features you need. I made Jack model them because they look better on him.

They aren't cute glasses, but they worked really well. I didn't have any problems with them staying on my sweaty face.

I was hoping to get a 6 mile run in, that's a pretty good run for me if I have to push the stroller. Running and pushing an extra 62 pounds (the combined weight of Lorelei, 35 lbs and the stroller, 27 lbs) is not so much fun. It always makes the run feel twice as hard. I ended up doing 5 miles. Lorelei said she was cold and wanted to go home so I cut it short. This run actually felt easier than my previous runs with her. Maybe I'm getting tougher.

After, I did some foam rolling. I found a good diagram in the newest issue of Runners World on moves to do with your foam roller. I do most of these and a couple extras depending on what is sore.

I'm off to pack. Lorelei and I are heading north tomorrow. Good night! 

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