Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ice Running.

I finally did it, I got a long run in. I really wasn't feeling it this morning but we went anyway.

My mom met Paul and I at the trail. The snow that was supposed to come last night didn't but it was still cold. The trail was pretty slippery on the way out and very slippery in a few spots. My strategy was just to shorten my stride and stay near the side of the trail so i could step off if I started to slip. Even the grass on the side was slippery! The way back was better. The misty rain must have helped.

We were planning on 10 miles but decided to do an extra .4 to make up for our shorter than planned run yesterday. It's easy to run farther here, it's so quiet and pretty.

We stopped for a few minutes about halfway to get a drink and have a snack. My friend got these for me and I finally tried them today. Love them! Might be my new favorite running fuel. The lemon was great, and I don't even like lemon flavored things.

We finished our run, then went back to get mom and finish her miles with her. 10.8 miles done! I Didn't keep track of time. I've thoroughly enjoyed not running for time the last couple weeks. Especially when you're recovering from injury (check), recovering from illness ( check), and it's slippery out (raising both hands and a foot over here). I'm usually obsessed with pace and all that but I'm starting to see how much fun it is to not care about that and just enjoy yourself. I'm challenging you to do at least one run, that you don't time this week. Just run by feel and enjoy yourself. Unless you run on the mill, then you're not really enjoying yourself anyway.

My goals for the week were a long run and to get 30 miles in. My long run today put me at 33.6 miles for the week. I'm happy with that! I'm thinking tomorrow seems like a rest day.

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  1. Thanks for being patient with me, that was my first really long run, this year - 7 before that, and just in case you were wondering you ran yours in under 2 hours, cause I managed to squeak mine in under the wire at 1:58 - slow and with a couple of short walks.