Monday, July 29, 2013



I'm totally shocked too. But it's true. I managed to run 45 miles this week. I know I've hit 40 miles before a couple times, but I don't think I've ever made it to 45. The most surprising part of all this running is that my body is cooperating like a champ. I think the key is that I've been keeping the easy runs at an easy pace, and the long run was also slower. Yeah, i know, thats how i should always run, but i dont. My hip has only been nagging me a little bit and my busted toe, while still pretty swollen, isn't sore when I put it in a shoe and run. Maybe it's just lost all feeling. That would be fine with me I guess. 

So, here's the breakdown. 
Monday: easy 5 miles
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: easy 6 miles
Thursday: easy 5 miles in the morning and 4.2 in the evening
Friday: 7.3 mile Tempo run
Saturday: easy 3.1
Sunday: 15 miles 

Total 45.6 miles! 

My only significant runs this week were the 7 miles at 8:50 pace, it's been awhile since I've seen the 8:xx, but it felt good. 
And the long run. It's been even longer since I've run much over 10 miles. I'd say this week has been a success as far as training goes and that's saying a lot since I'm trying to train for 2 very different things, a 200 mile relay and a marathon. 

We did our long run yesterday at a local metro park. We love it there. There is a paved path around the lake, it's just about 8.5 miles with lots of bathrooms and drinking fountains. It's pretty perfect. And beautiful. Unfortunately yesterday, we ran in the cold rain for an hour, then the sun came out for a little bit and then went away leaving it cold and rainy again. We packed a lunch and planned to let Lorelei play afterwards, but that didn't last long because of the rain. And since we were really wet all the wind and rain made us really cold. My kid is a champ though because she didn't mind at all. 

We basically filled our car with the stroller, food and our gear. See that sun block? I brought it but didn't use it because it was rainy and gross. Somehow Paul still managed to get a burn on his forehead. On a rainy day. 

The rain clouds...

And then...the sun! 

And more rain. 

And since it felt like fall I needed some coffee. Perfect.