Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Yay for today!

Hey friends!

We've had a pretty good day here. Adding to the good day was the grilled cheese sandwich I had for breakfast. It was sunny and bright outside which made it hard to stay inside. Lorelei wanted to take all the dogs on a walk but I can really only handle one at a time. Today was Jacks turn.

After we walked we let the other dogs out and played in the yard for awhile. She's already too cool for me. Dang.

When Paul got up we went for a 4 mile run. We didn't have time for much more, he had to get to work. I'm happy to report the run went well. The only thing that hurt was the ball of my left foot. I can quite easily ignore that, thank you very much. I also wasn't feeling as dead tired as I have been. I didn't run as slow as I should have, no time for that, but it was good anyway. Fingers crossed I'm on the mend and can get back to more serious training soon.

I'm also happy because today I lined up some good running company for this weekend. Lorelei and I are going north. I'm going to help my sister get ready for a dance (she's in high school), and my then hang out with my sister in law and do wedding related things (she's getting married in October!) On Saturday I'll be joining my mom on her long run, she's planning 10 miles. I would be over the moon happy if I can hang in there for 10 miles. On Sunday, I'll be running with Heather (previously mentioned sister in law). We've never run together before! I'm excited for the whole weekend.

For dinner tonight I just made something quick and easy because we had somewhere to be.
Tofu salad sandwiches. Like egg salad but with tofu instead of eggs. I love eggs, but they make me feel like I'm going to die so I don't eat them. I've found (actually maybe Paul did) that tofu makes an excellent substitute for eggs in things like this. I also use it instead of eggs on breakfast sandwiches (also Paul's genius idea) and in breakfast burritos. Roasted carrots on the side.

Yes, I put Red Hot Blues on my sandwich. I put them on most of my sandwiches and salads. It's my thing. And it's good.

Tonight I met up with a lovely group of moms (something I never thought I'd do). It was nice. Lorelei had lots of fun too. She didn't want to leave.

Now that she's in bed it's pretzels, pub cheese and wine for the win.

Have a good night!

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