Tuesday, February 19, 2013

6 miles and the Chicago Marathon registration is open!


I had 5 miles on the calendar this morning. I'm shooting for 30 miles this week with a 9 mile long run somewhere in there. Maybe Thursday. I'm going out of town, out of the state actually, this weekend so I'd like to do it before then. Since Friday's are usually a rest day, Thursday seems like a good choice.

This morning it was really cold and windy and I just wasn't up for freezing. Lorelei and I went to the gym. It's a good thing because we stepped out the door and both nearly fell because it was so slippery. I got a new pair of ear buds and today was the first day I used them. My old ones were shocking the inside of my ear. The new ones stink. I couldn't keep them on. I must have super small ears or something because the ones that wrap around never work for me. Lesson learned. I like the ones that came with my iPhone when I run outside, but for some reason they don't work with the treadmill. I felt thankful for closed captioning on the TV today even if that meant I had to listen to the terrible music they were playing at the gym.

I was only planning to do 5 miles today, but the run felt so good I just didn't want to stop. I did an extra mile and then forced myself to stop. I kept telling myself that I want tomorrows run to be good so I better not do too much today. And I had a full day planned for Lorelei and I.

Registration for the 2013 Chicago Marathon opened today! If you'd like to run it you better hurry and sign up. Last year it sold out in a record 6 days! I will not be running Chicago this year. I'm still planning on a marathon or two but not that one. I'm going to try a smaller race this time around. I didn't enjoy spending 99% of the race weaving my way through people. Until they fix that whole thing where the charity runners get to start in the front, I probably won't be there. It's very frustrating to have trained hard to run a marathon and then have to spend the entire thing trying to get around people that haven't and are already walking at the 5k mark. Also, my sister in law is getting married that weekend and I'm her maid of honor.

Lorelei and I are off to church to hang with some lovely ladies. See you tomorrow.

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