Monday, February 4, 2013

A case of the grumpies

Ugh. That's how I'd sum up the last couple of days. And fat. If I had to pick 2 words.
There has been no running for 2 days. Yesterday I was just a slug. But I didn't totally pig out for the Superbowl, probably because it was just me and I didn't really watch it.

Today I REALLY needed to go for a run. I'm grouchy and just need a few minutes to myself. Hopefully I can do that tomorrow. Today the weather didn't cooperate for a run outside and I had to take our foster cat to the vet and back to the shelter. It took a lot longer than anticipated and I didn't have time to fight with Lorelei about going to the gym. When I mentioned it she immediately started crying and refused to go.

This morning I did a strength training workout that was in the newest issue of Women's Health and tonight since I couldn't run I did a "deck of cards" workout. I've never attempted one before but it wasn't so bad. You just need a deck of cards! I made mine a little more complicated, but the basic idea is that you assign each suit an exercise and then work your way through the entire deck doing whatever is on each card. For mine I did push ups on diamonds, squats on hearts, jumping jacks on spades, and abs on clubs. I just picked something general like abs, because I don't really like regular crunches and like having the variety. Face cards=10 and everything else is whatever number is on the card. I used Ace's as a rest card. For example: you draw the 5 of diamonds so you do 5 push ups, Queen of hearts means you do 10 squats. I didn't follow the number rule quite the same for jumping jacks. I really wanted to get my heart rate up so if the number on the card was below 10 I did 10 jumping jacks, if it was above 10 I did 25. I did the same for abs. You just work through the deck as quickly as you can. The nice thing about this workout is that you can really customize it and change it each time. You also move through things quickly so you don't get too sick of one exercise. I'll leave you with some random pics from the last couple days.

Saturday nights dinner. Roasted Acorn squash, garlic green beans and rice and orzo pilaf.


My super cute, $3 slippers. They make me happy.

And cookies. I never buy junk like this and I actually hate regular Oreos but these are so so good. I'm blaming the Superbowl for this purchase.

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