Saturday, February 16, 2013

Making a comeback

Hello! This morning we went to the farmers market. My just for fun purchases were Cinnamon Whipped Honey (haven't tried it yet) and butter pecan caramel corn.

They aren't kidding, that stuff is addictive! Love it!

I was planning my longer run for today. I had no idea it was going to snow and once it started it accumulated quickly. I almost pushed the longer run to tomorrow but didn't want to run through a bunch of snow. Instead we just ran with it blowing right in our faces the entire time. It was crazy out there, there was a big accident and pileup on the freeway that we ran past, and later we saw a guy that had some serious road rage get out of his car and start yelling obscenities at the guy behind him. What's wrong with people? He obviously needs to go on a run, runners aren't that angry.

For me, the run was good, easy even with the snow. We did a 9:24 pace, I'll gladly take that for a long run pace these days. Great success.

Here's some pretty pics of us at about 4.5 miles in while we were getting a drink.

And just so you know how attractive I looked at the end...

My nice, snow free sidewalks have disappeared. Sad.

We came home, showered and passed out on the couch.

Happy Saturday!

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