Sunday, February 10, 2013

Weekend photo dump

Instead of recapping my entire weekend I'll just give you the pics and you can fill in the blanks.

There was lots of eating, mainly with my sister in law Heather and her fiancée Obi. And some running with my mom and then Heather. I managed 20 miles this week which is about 10 less than I'd like, but at least I'm running relatively pain free.

We ate at this bar. I like that they still had lights up. I liked the portobello mushroom burger I had even better.

The mushroom was marinated in balsamic vinegar and came with pesto to put on top. Amazing!

There was some hair doing. A fire in a snow fort, a bottle of wine and old episodes from Shark Week. Perfect Saturday night.

Yep, I was outside with a towel on my wet hair.

There were also lots of Castor snuggles.

And since I know you all come here to look at the super awesome pics I took on my phone, here are some more.

This was Spongebob French toast.

Grandpa Jim

Gravy fries. It's hard to tell, but they had some sort of gravy (that tasted nothing like gravy), cheese, and sour cream on them.

Then there was a super fun drive back from Muskegon on icy roads. Luckily they weren't really, really bad until I was close-ish to my destination. It's also nice that the really slippery roads weren't busy. Bouncing off snowbanks is better if there aren't lots of other cars around to get in the way. No, I wasn't going too fast. My foot wasn't even on the gas a lot of the time. The roads were just soooo slippery. At the moment, I'm watching cars slide backwards down the hill by my in laws house.

Hope you had a good weekend. Stay safe out there.

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