Friday, March 1, 2013

It's Friday! And I'm going to be stuck watching hours of Game of Thrones...

Hey guys!

Yesterday I did 7 more miles on the mill. I was really happy with how good the run felt. Not sore or stiff at all.
Today I am supposed to do 3 miles but I've got a couple of sore spots that I'm hoping will be ok for tomorrow's long run if I just take a day off from running today.

Instead, I did Yoga for Runners from I went to their site because they have lots of free 20 minute yoga classes, went through the annoying process of registering and then couldn't even watch the videos for some reason. I did manage to find the same classes on YouTube with no problem though. I'd go that route if I were you. It was a really good stretch for my legs. It wasn't enjoyable like yoga should be because I can't have 2 uninterrupted minutes in my day, but my legs feel good anyway.

Then I did some core work. I basically just put together some of the more challenging moves that I like, the ones that usually leave me sore the next day, and threw in a few other random ones to get a more balanced workout. Most ab workouts that I find online don't really do it for me. If I don't feel sore the next day I don't feel like it was worth it. Here's what I did today. Next time I might increase the reps, just to make it harder but I was feeling pretty tired by the end. I didn't really take any rest breaks, other than when I was interrupted.

Today's workout interruptions are brought to you by Jack. To be fair I was on the floor so I guess that means he should feel free to lay on the mat right next to me.

And lick my face.

I tried out a new to me Boca patty for lunch.

It was good on a salad. With a blood orange from Door to Door Organics on the side.

Paul isn't on nights anymore and he is hopeful that he'll get out at a reasonable time today so he offered to make dinner. I think I'm going to insist on black bean burgers with roasted sweet potatoes on the side. You can find the black bean burger recipe on my Vegetarian recipes post, if you want it. It's seriously one of the best veggie burgers I've ever had. I never want to try new ones because I like these so much.

Paul has become obsessed with Game of Thrones and I agreed that we could waste hours of our Friday night watching it. We're on the second season. I don't really like the show much, it's way too violent and silly for me, but he loves it and I always make him watch things he doesn't love, like Gossip Girl and Biggest Loser, so I kind of owe him. I have a full bottle of wine to get me through.

What are your awesome Friday night plans?
Any long runs or races this weekend?


  1. I may or may not be running on the dreadmill tonight, being back to work with goofy hours has me tired. I have an 11 mile run scheduled for this weekend - want to come join me?