Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Dinner

Our Easter dinner deserves its own post. It was that good.

Garlic soup, swiss chard and herb tart, stuffing (because I always want an excuse to eat it) and peach pie.

Sautéed chard and onions. Pretty, right?


Garlic soup, in progress. Yes, there's bread in it. Best idea ever.

The disaster area AKA the kitchen. He's so messy.

So good!

We were stuffed so we went for a walk.

I offered to take a dog, I swear. I ended up with old man Brown when he got slow on the way home.

We played in the back yard. Lore chatted with the neighbor boys. She says they're her friends. I doubt they'd say the same but they humor her.

Then dessert! Peach pie with frozen yogurt in top.

The pie was my only contribution to the dinner. Paul made everything else. I was an excellent taste tester though.

Hope you had something yummy today too!

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