Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Running with asthma and impending doom

A lot of you probably already know this, but I have asthma. And I love to run. I have chronic asthma, meaning it's not triggered solely by physical exertion. Most of my attacks happen when I'm just doing normal day to day activities. I take a couple different medications to control it and they've helped a lot. If I'm being honest I still have too many asthma attacks, but I don't remember to use my steroid inhaler as often as I'm supposed to so it's probably my own fault. Twice a day is just hard to remember, I'm busy! When I first started running I had plenty of problems because of the asthma but now I rarely have issues when I'm running.

My asthma really becomes a problem for me and my running habit when I'm sick. I bring this up because I'm currently in the process of getting sick. I guess I might actually be sick, but I never like to admit it. What might just be a little cold that's no big deal for most people is rarely just a little cold for me. It turns into a miserable week of coughing, wheezing and constant rescue inhaler usage. Running is usually out of the question.

I'm having an internal struggle today because on one hand I know that any run I do will probably be hard, miserable and slow but on the other hand I feel like I should run while I still can. I don't think I'm so sick yet that I can't finish a short, slow run. My chest has been a little gunky the last couple of mornings though.

Yesterday it took me half the day to feel like I was ok to run but it was one of those days where I really needed to run. I was in a funk. I ran just over 5 miles in the evening. I felt like I was giving it a good effort but my pace didn't really reflect that. That was pretty a good indicator that I am in fact getting sick, especially since I had taken the last two days off. And my legs feel pretty tired today. Another pretty good sign of impending doom. 5 miles just shouldn't tire me out like that.

I guess I'll just wait and see how I feel later today but it might just be a yoga kind of day. And I definitely plan to drink this. Hot and cold.

Yesterday was Lorelei's favorite day of the week because our box from Door to Door Organics comes. She's always so excited to see what fruits and veggies we got.

Have a good day! Someone get a good run in for me!

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