Friday, December 28, 2012


Hi friends!
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We were home for Christmas, this never happens, and it was really nice. It's always fun to spend Christmas with our families, but it was great to just be able to stay in pj's and relax at home instead of going from house to house. We headed north a couple days ago so we're having Christmas fun with the fams now.

I'm thrilled about having some snow this year. Last year there was no snow for Christmas and it was so sad. We like to go sledding late at night on Christmas Eve. We, being the Sobo siblings and significant others.

I'm also happy to have some snow on my runs. Some of you already know this, but I really like running outside in the winter. It's one of my favorite seasons in general, second to fall, and it's also great for running. Yesterday I got a snowy 6 miles in and I loved it!

With a little preparation, mainly deciding what to wear, winter running is wonderful. I generally dress like it's 20 degrees warmer that it really is because I always warm up and don't like to have extra layers to take off. Yesterday it was 28*, felt like 20*. I wore fleece lined running tights (these ones), a short sleeved tech shirt, a long sleeved tech shirt (this one), my ASICS Storm Shelter running jacket, a hat, light gloves, and my Yaktrax. I ended up taking my jacket off because I got too warm even with all the vents open. 

You should try it before you decide you hate it. Just keep the pace easy on those snowy roads. It's so much better than running in the heat and humidity and hot showers never feel as good as they do after you finish a winter run. Seriously. They're magical.  

And get yourself some of these.

An epic game of Boxers or Briefs happened last night. It was tons of fun.

On the agends for today is more Christmas fun. 

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