Friday, December 14, 2012

8 Miles and a Sad Day

So this happened last night...we lead a very exciting life.

Of course I won.

I was planning on going to a Pilates class this morning but I couldn't get Lorelei out of the house in time. I just ran 8 miles instead. And stretched. And made friends with my foam roller. Days like today make me really glad I have a friend like that. My leg is a little unhappy. My pace was all over the place, I got bored so I varied it quite a bit. Overall it ended up being about a 9:30 pace.
I really like making salads out of random things. Salads made of only cold veggies aren't all that satisfying to me so I put other things in mine. Usually whatever I have laying around. This one had romaine (you can't see it in the pic, but I promise it was there), cucs, black beans, roasted butternut squash, cheese, and Red Hot Blues chips on top. It was pretty darn good.

Afternoon Christmas crafting.

It's a sad day out there in the world. In fact what happened today in Connecticut is pretty much my worst nightmare. I think most parents would agree. I'll be spending the rest of the evening annoying Lorelei with kisses and feeling very lucky and also very sad.

Be kind to each other.

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