Sunday, December 16, 2012


I had every intention of doing a long run today. I mapped out a 10.5 mile loop and was ready to go. It was a rainy/cloudy 50 degree day. Perfect for running. I wasn't sure about my leg, my left quad has been bothering me, so I planned a route that gave me plenty of options to cut the run short. I know the best way to fail at Plan A is to have a Plan B, but the best way to get injured is to be stupid.

My leg didn't feel good from the start but it wasn't that bad either. I was hoping that it would get better as I warmed up, but no such luck. It only got worse. I took one of the shortcuts and it ended up only being a 3.6 mile run. Fail. Insert sad face, like this.

I've got my eye on a couple of marathons for 2013 so I'm going to give myself a couple days off before I try to run again. I'd rather take the time off now so I can still run later. I'll be spending the next couple days doing Pilates, foam rolling and in Pigeon Pose.

Check out what these bums were doing while I was running.

I should have stayed in looks cozy.

After I showered we went out, got coffee and did some shopping. Paul made mushroom risotto for dinner. It was wonderful, as usual. Sorry, I don't have the recipe, risotto is his thing.

Since we're talking about long runs, I thought I'd mention some of the things I have to have for my longer runs. I get blisters like crazy and the best socks ever are the Injinji Toe Socks. I've tried lots of socks and these help me the most. They feel a little funny at first but once you put your shoes on you don't notice them. Speaking of shoes, I'm madly in love with my Brooks PureFlows. I have 2 pair and they are both totally worn out. I can't wait to get my feet into the PureFlow 2 that just came out. I also take my Nathan Fuel Belt on my longer runs. For a 10 miler, I just take water. I find that I don't need any gels or sports drinks for that distance.

What are your long run must haves?

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