Wednesday, December 12, 2012

No Workout Wednesday

Yep, that's right. I didn't run today. My legs were feeling pretty tired and achy yesterday during my run and since I'm not training for anything at the moment, my next scheduled race isn't until April, there's no reason to push through it.

Instead of going to the gym we just hung around the house this morning. Lorelei got some work done on the iPad.

She also kept hiding under the table and telling me she was "hiding from the future." I think by future she meant lunch. Ours was pretty lame. 

I know that looks like a 3 year olds lunch, and it is, but I had the exact same thing. PBJ with carrots and hommus. After lunch she was convinced it was a good idea to get her pool out and go swimming. Nevermind that it was only 40 degrees. We went Christmas shopping instead.

This is what she likes to do every time she gets in the car.

Dinner tonight was Butternut Squash and Black Bean Enchiladas from Door to Door Organics. This was the first time I've made them and they were amazing. Seriously.

Something else that's amazing...

I'll try to be more exciting tomorrow. I've gotta get my rear in gear. I'd like to hit 100 miles this month, I'm only at 32 miles right now, and get back to doing a weekend long run. I've been slacking since the marathon, but that was over 2 months ago.

What are your running/fitness goals for the month?
What did you have for lunch?


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  2. My lunch was even more amazing than yours, it consisted of a plate full of nothing, yup, I forgot to eat, sometimes I do that. Your supper did look pretty awesome, and so did the beer - you will have to bring some with you the next time you come up.

    As for my running goals for this month, I hope to get in at least 80 miles, and am really hoping that the weather will cooperate so I can complete at least half of them outdoors. Last month I only had 29, considering that it is only the 12th of the month and I already have 31, I think I will be able to do it. However, running may become more difficult as the holidays approach.

    If the pool was filled with snow, and I could wear my snowsuit, I would play in the pool with Lorelei. I mean what the heck, did she say what state the water had to be in?

    1. You've got those 80 miles! I think the holidays will make me need to run even more, just because it can be a tad stressful. You're closer to your goal than I am!