Sunday, December 23, 2012

Tie a Knot and Hang on

"When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on."-Franklin D. Roosevelt

That pretty much sums up my week and weekend. I'm glad it's over and am hopeful that this next week will be better. Nothing that bad really happened this week. Pauls just been working a lot of hours, he informed me that he worked about 100 hours this week, that's 20 hours more than usual. Not kidding. When he works that much we all feel it, obviously not as much as he does, but it's hard. Add holiday prep, a major plumbing issue, and the fact that I only managed to run 13 miles this week because of injury, to the mix and you've got a disaster waiting to happen.

This wekend, we had Pauls parents come down and we also had a plumbing issue. Luckily, there was a spa day for the ladies, and a Lions game for the guys to help us forget about the crappy (literally) stuff. It was great to have them here.

On my run tonight I caught my foot on a section of sidewalk and wiped out. It was dark and I couldn't see very well. I did manage to break my fall quite a bit with my hands and feet and roll onto my side so it wasn't so bad, just annoying. I guess it had to happen eventually. Hopefully I'm not feeling it tomorrow. I should probably invest in a headlamp or something. I'm just going to call this week a cut back week since I ran less than half of my usual 30 miles and really go for it next week as far as miles goes.

Ok, enough feeling sorry for myself. Here are some good things that got me through.

 We fell asleep watching Gnomeo and Juliette

A 90 minute Spa Pedi

Mmm, so good.

I'm totally just kidding about this one. Really.

Playing in the little bit of snow that came our way. We'll take whatever we can get.

I also got to see some old friends for a night out and play with an adorable puppy.

I'm going to try to just focus on the good stuff for the rest of the year and hope it becomes a habit in the new year too. 

 I love this SO much. It's perfect.

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  1. I've been working on seeing only the positive - it does make life much better, and once the habit is formed you wonder why is everyone so negative?