Thursday, June 20, 2013


Hi friends!

Some of you may or may not know that yesterday was our 9 year anniversary. I can't believe I've been married for 9 years! We haven't really done anything to celebrate our anniversary in years, but Paul was sneaky and managed to surprise me by getting out of work early and getting a babysitter.

The wonderful Emily and Owen duo came over to hang out with Lorelei. She was pretty excited and told us to leave as soon as they got there.

I kind of ruined Paul's plans because I asked him earlier in the day if I should run or wait for him to get home. He said he wasn't sure about his schedule so to go ahead and do a short run without him. I did 5 miles. His plan was to go to a nice trail and run before dinner but since my hip has been acting up and is just finally starting to get a little better I decided it would be a bad idea to run again. It was really hard for me to turn it down though.

Instead we got coffee and then headed to dinner. I wasn't really hungry because I had a snack after my run, another plan ruiner, but oh well. He chose a pretty great place for us. He was really thoughtful, as always, and did some research to pick a place he knew I would love. That place was the Inn Season Cafe. They serve only vegetarian and vegan food. And it's all organic, in season and the ingredients come from local farms and businesses. My vegetarian, tree hugging heart was so happy! And the food was amazing!

I wanted a salad, it just sounded good, but it felt wrong to get a salad at a place like this. Only because salad is my go to at restaurants that don't get the concept of cooking something that doesn't have meat in it. There were a lot of things that sounded great so I just pointed at one of the specials and my menu was taken away. I'm not even quite sure what I ordered, but it was really good.

Inside that gloriously flaky, whole wheat, pastry was mushrooms and the best tempeh I've ever had. The sauce was some sort of miso sauce I think. And that salad. So good. See, it would be nice to know exactly what I ordered right now...

Paul got the Portabella Walnut pizza. Also, really so good.

We were considering dessert and Paul said we could walk around and go somewhere else but I knew if the food here was this good the dessert would be too, so we stayed. And had this. Cashew Cardamom Cake. 

There are no words for this cake. Seriously, no words.

Then, because I had ruined our pre dinner plans we had time to kill and being the old, fun hater that I am I decided we should go to Ikea and get some shopping done that is hard to do with Lorelei. I was embarrassed to even suggest it, but he was willing to go along with anything. And we did close the place down, so there's that.
And we splurged on Ikea chocolate and this stuffed mouse that Lorelei has been wanting.

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