Sunday, June 16, 2013

A treadmill distance record

I was really determined to get a longer run in this weekend. It's been weeks since I've done any double digit runs. My hips have been protesting and it's been miserable. I was feeling good all week, I think because I did a lot of slow treadmill runs. But on Friday I messed it all up by doing a 7 mile tempo run. So I was back to being sore. I didn't feel too bad today and was just going to do what I could do on the mill. I turned Shark Week on on Netflix and before I knew it I had done 10 miles. It was slow and not completely painless but it felt better than my long run attempts in weeks past. I'm also pretty sure that's a treadmill distance record for me. 

And the rest of the day was spent at the carnival enjoying Fathers Day. 

That girl wasn't afraid of anything. The higher it went and the faster it spun the more she liked it. She got bored with the jeeps but loved the Ferris wheel.

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