Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My new favorite thing

So....! I'm excited to tell you that I have a new favorite thing. A new BFF.

I've been trying to convince Paul to let me cancel my gym membership because I hate going. I really only go to use the treadmill and I just hate it there. The gym is fine, but all the guys walking around shaped like inverted triangles (large on top with chicken legs), grunting and looking at themselves in the mirror really bug me. It also bugs me that they take up half the treadmills just to walk. Seriously? If I didn't have a person to take care of I would probably never use the treadmill. I won't apologize for sounding like a jerk because I kind of am a jerk. I also hate that there are only certain periods of time that they will watch Lorelei. It's not the most convenient. And they feel no sense of urgency when things are broken. There are 2 problems with canceling my membership though 1) I hate pushing that stroller for more than 4 miles and 2) the stroller is falling apart.

Anyway. Back to my new BFF.

Yay! Hubs must really love me. He picked it up and even set it up for me. He's kind of the best.

It was a bit messy for awhile. New BFF still doesn't have a permanent home, it's in the living room, but I'm sure i can find a good spot. Eventually.

I'm hoping we have many happy miles together. But not too many, I'd still rather run outside.

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