Monday, June 10, 2013

Wedding weekend

Hi guys!

We had another busy but really great weekend. My brother Doug, the one closest in age to me, got married on Saturday! We're all really happy and excited for them. Carrie, his wife, is so sweet and wonderful and we're glad she's officially part of the family.

Paul and I snuck in one 6.6 mile run on Saturday afternoon but the rest of the weekend was devoted to wedding festivities and family fun. It was really nice to run in an unfamiliar area. Seeing the same things on every run gets a little old sometimes. Especially when your motivation is lacking like mine has been.

Fun in the hotel pool. 
We weren't planning to stay at the hotel with everyone else. We were just going to drive back and forth from our house both days. My grandma and grandpa offered to let us use the extra bed in their room and I'm glad we (Lorelei and I) took them up on it. The drive was a bit farther than I thought it would be. I also would have missed out on fun things like drinking wine and chatting and laughing with the bride and her girls on Friday night. And Saturday would have been much more rushed for us if we had to make a 1.5 hour drive.

Goofing around at the rehearsal dinner. Carrie wanted a pic with Lorelei but Lorelei wouldn't cooperate. She just wanted to take pics of herself making funny faces on my phone. Carrie still managed to be in the background of one of them though.
The best man AKA my youngest brother, Jared.

My mom needed help teasing her hair or something like that. I've never done such a thing to my hair so I don't know anything about that. Luckily the bride was there to help her out.
My aunt brought a cooler full of these with her from Wisconsin. Yum!
Heading to the chapel to get her dressed!

We're ready!
Love them!


Feeding the fish. She loved it.
My brother Bryan and his wife Heather.
Couldn't decide what to drink so I got one of each. Coffee, wine, water. 

 It was a great wedding. But it turns out that Lorelei doesn't sleep well in hotels and each night she didn't fall asleep until really late, 10:30 one night and after 11 the next. We were both pretty tired from the weekend and didn't wake up until almost 10am today! Crazy. Poor Doug and Carrie had such an early flight they had to leave the reception and go right to the airport. I bet they're really tired too.

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