Friday, April 19, 2013

Sunday fun day

Hey guys!

It's been a stressful couple of days around here. Our house has been flooded. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence. We have a split level house so the living room, kitchen and laundry room are partly underground. That was a big mistake since we live in a flood zone. I'm so over it. Along with cleaning up water for the last 2 days I also have had other things to deal with. Like piles of charcoal. I went to move a wet bag of charcoal and the bottom ripped out. Nice.

Today Lorelei and I camped out in the upstairs. She ate breakfast in my bed which means it's full of crumbs. Gross.

Most of the water is gone now which is good because my awesome sister in law Heather is coming tomorrow! We're going to a fun run with Scott Jurek on Sunday morning and then to VegFest after that. I'm obviously super excited since he's my favorite ultra marathoner. I've gone to one run with him followed by a talk and book signing. I told Heather to Google him so she'll be excited too. I think it worked, she's pumped!

As far as running goes, I did 5 miles on Wednesday. I felt like I was recovered and good to go but my legs were still really tired on that run. We meant to take it easy but got caught in a thunder storm. Lorelei was with us and there was lots of lightning so we hustled to get home. I was beat.

Today I did an easy 4 miles at the gym. We needed to get out of the house and it was really windy outside.

Hopefully we'll get a good, easy run in tomorrow. After 19 days in a row Paul finally has a couple of days off. We're pretty excited about that.

Have a good weekend!

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