Friday, April 5, 2013

I stepped in wet cement

Hello friends!

So yesterday was a pretty great day.

In the morning I did an ab and arm workout. They were separate videos that I found on YouTube and must not have been very good because I'm not feeling either of them today.

Then Lorelei and I went to the zoo. She's been begging to go all week and the weather was perfect for it. I planned to go later in the day so we could meet Paul after he got out of work and go for a run before heading home. He works really close to the zoo.

We actually didn't see many animals because she wanted to ride the carousel (as usual).

That's her token to ride. She proudly put it in her pocket until it was time to get on.

Riding the flamingo! Or flamango as she calls them.
Real flamingos. She loves them.

We got distracted on our way to the giraffes.

Important question, do you like powdered sugar or cinnamon sugar on your elephant ears? I go cinnamon sugar, every time. Love it so! I wish I could tell you we ate the entire thing but sadly we didn't. I ate the soft, chewy edges and Lorelei took the crunchy pieces, ate some, and then just licked the sugar off. You can't go wrong with fried dough covered in cinnamon sugar.

Our run was pretty dang good. Another 7.3 miles. Other than the side stitches, asthma attack, not bringing water and stepping in wet cement, it was a good run. Can't make that crap up people. Seriously though, I think we were moving along at a good pace because my legs were so tired afterwards. Like long run tired. I forgot my watch and phone so we'll never know but I'm choosing to believe we were making good time. Mostly because I could use the confidence boost this close to race day. That and the alternative is that we were going slow and my legs have become wimps.

Today my legs felt less tired but I'm planning on only easy runs until the 1/2. I wanted Lorelei to be able to play so we went to the gym and I ran 5.5 miles on the mill. No other kids showed up though so she had no one to play with. Poor girl. She was pretty excited to see the neighbor boys out when we got home and they sat around chatting until I was freezing and made her come in.

More random eats from the last couple days.

I might have a nut/seed butter addiction.

Leftover pasta and spinach for lunch. I mixed them together.

Our Target just got groceries and I found this dip there today. Really good on crackers!

Pasta salad for dinner. Bowie pasta, grape tomatoes, cucumber, green grapes and feta cheese with oil and balsamic vinegar dressing.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Can you make that when you are up here? Also, Grammy Whammy can pretend to be a kid, I like to play!