Thursday, April 25, 2013

7 miles, IronStrength and the best Blizzard


Yesterday I ran 7 easy miles on the mill. It was rainy and crappy here so we stayed inside. I kept the pace really easy because my hip is still sore occasionally. But I still need to get miles in because I'm "training" for another race, a 25k in a couple of weeks.

I've decided to combat the hip soreness that I need to do some strength training. It's likely a muscle imbalance or some kind of issue like that so I need to be better about strength training. Apparently having a "strong butt" might solve these problems. Or so I've read. Here is the article I'm referring to. Dr. Metzl, the guy in video in the previous link, put together a total body workout for runners and he referred to it in the video so I thought I'd try that out. Injuries are not a runners friend so I'm going to give the strength training a real shot. So, yesterday I did the IronStrength workout. Im not going to lie, it was pretty tough. Or I'm just a wimp. Or I hate strength training. I think I can manage to do this a couple of times a week. My quads and glutes are pretty sore today so it must have been good for me.

Took my sweet four legged girl, Olive, to the vet yesterday. We were there for 2 hours just for a shot and a heart worm test. Ugh.

She's worth it. Poor Lorelei was out of patience when we left and she had a meltdown on the way home because she wanted ice cream.

Dinner was vegan jambalaya made with tempeh and veg stock. Here is the recipe. It was pretty good. I didn't quite follow the recipe because we were short on time, I cooked the rice before I added it to save time so it wasn't quite as good as it would have been if it had cooked in the seasoned broth. Next time I'll do it that way. I'm not a vegan, just vegetarian, but I've been paying attention lately and lots of the stuff we eat is vegan. I can't eat eggs, I have some sort of intolerance to them, and we don't buy milk so the only animal product we eat on a regular basis is cheese. I like that. Don't tell Paul though, he'll pretend to be outraged. Cutting back in animal products is good for lots of reasons and every little bit helps. Think about doing something like a "meatless Monday" at your house. You'll be surprised at how easy it is.

After dinner we took Lorelei to get her ice cream. I've decided the best thing at DQ is the Chocolate Covered Pretzel with Peanut Butter Blizzard. It comes with chocolate chunks, but I'm not crazy about lots of chocolate so I don't get those.

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