Sunday, April 21, 2013

Scott Jurek and VegFest

Hey everyone!

I'm super excited to tell you about the fun we had today. I was supposed to go to Chicago this weekend to visit my friend Stew but she wasn't feeling good so we stayed home. I found out kind of last minute about these other fun things though and got my awesome SIL Heather to drive down here to join the fun. This morning we got up early to go to Running Fit (a local running store) for a group run with Scott Jurek. This was my second time doing one of these runs with him. I did the first one last summer as part of his book tour. If you haven't read his book Eat and Run, you should. For those of you that may not know who he is(gasp!), Scott is arguably the best ultra marathoner. Ever. He runs 100+ mile races over mountains and through Death Valley and he wins. He also held the American record for most miles run in a 24 hour period, his record was recently broken though. He's also a vegan. And so nice. Today he made sure to run and chat with each person/group of people that came out. It was pretty dang cool to run with him.

Someday Lorelei will be sad that she refused to have her picture taken with him and was making animal noises in protest. I hope she is anyway.

After the run we hung out at the store, got a T shirt and had breakfast. They had a really yummy vegan breakfast spread.

The shirt I bought.

And the one Brooks gave me.

After the run we went to VegFest, vegan tastefest and expo. We sampled tons of really yummy vegan food and went to a presentation by Scott. My most surprisingly delicious vegan find was Teese. It's a vegan cheese substitute. I tried the nacho sauce and it was really good. I've already looked up where I can buy it around here. I'm a cheese lover so if I say it's good, it's good. I was also very impressed by a vegan doughnut Lorelei got. It was baked not fried and very tasty.

They had a kids area where Lorelei made a carrot man.

And made compost and played with worms.

We were all really tired when we got home so we lazed around and napped a little. Lorelei found a bird egg on the ground and was very concerned that the momma bird would want it back so she put it in the tree.

Now she's talked Paul into making carrot cake...
Hope you had a great weekend!

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