Saturday, May 25, 2013

You gotta earn the views

Lorelei and I made our last trip out of town for the month this weekend. After spending hours in the car with 3 dogs and a 3 year old I was ready for a run.

I really didn't want more time alone with my thoughts though, I've had plenty of that lately, so I decided to take advantage of all the hills around here. If I'm working hard I just think about that. 5.5 miles of hills later and I had tired myself out enough to feel a little better. My body was tired but my brain felt recharged. If you don't run that might not make sense to you, but that's how it works.

You gotta earn these views! Running up these monster hills is tough though.

I was planning to do a loop so I would only have to do that monster once but ended up doing an out and back and hitting it twice. It's brutal from both sides, but the downhill is fun.

My "dang that sucked, what was I thinking" face.

Worst spectators ever.

This stuff was really fun, especially when it gets in your nose and mouth.

This was the reason I did the out and back. I love, love, love running this road. I wish It went on forever instead of just a mile. It was so nice I decided to turn around at the end and do it again.

Have a good weekend! Run some hills.

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